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is essential to make sure you are maintained to ensure that it is safe and suitable for participants and the spectators.

The tennis court should be inspected on a regular basis is the very first step towards keeping a court in good condition. It is accomplished by checking for any signs of damage like cracks on the surface, or wear and tear on the surface. Also, it is important to examine for any debris or other items that may be on the court. In order to ensure the safety of fans and players, any items that are found on the courts should be taken away immediately.

It is essential to fix any damage done after the court has been inspected. It is important to fill in any cracks, patching up any cracks in the surface and making sure the court is even and level. This helps to prevent injuries occurring due to the uneven surface. It is equally important to put a sealant on the court in order to guard it from the elements as well as help to keep it in good shape. It is also important to make sure that the court has a good feel well and is in good condition for participants and also to avoid accident.


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