What are the Parts of a Forklift? – Morgantown WV Business News

The horizontal support structure that can move the forks upwards and downwards. Forks are the long arm with a tapered design that lifts and help support loads. Counterweights are located at the rear. It balances the forklift’s weight and helps prevent the fork from tipping. Hydraulic Cylinders: regulate the lower and lifting of the forks.

The operator’s cabin is an additional essential component. It offers a comfortable and safe space where the driver can operate the machine.

The tires are another important element in forklifts. They can either be either solid or pneumatic, based on the terrain and other factors. The forklift can be powered by gasoline, diesel or electrical energy.

Know the many parts forklifts and their purposes, as each part has an individual purpose and functions in conjunction to make the machine efficient and productive. Its durability and safety will be assured by regular maintenance.


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