What Can an Attorney Do For You? – Court Video

The courts may appoint another person to be your executor when you’re no longer capable of doing so. In most cases, it’s important that, should you pass away, the person elected to act as the official executor for your estate is mature enough and able to oversee issues. Appointing someone a little bit younger than you may also create more emotional part of their process of decision making.
How do I make a request for custody

Can an attorney assist to file for custody? An attorney can aid you obtain custody of your children or request custody on your behalf or go to court in the event that the courts do not offer you the right solution in your case. Because it’s a relatively new procedure, filing cases can be a challenge to determine. It can be difficult choosing the best option in the best interest of your child. A lawyer can assist you to make the best decision for your child and yourself. An attorney can assist you to submit a paternity claim and even sue for custody.

There are instances where attorney’s fee could be incurred in the case. The cases are when the court decides that a relative or friend has been granted custody of the child if the matter is brought because of domestic violence or abuse and children are at risk. The court must weigh what’s best for the child against what’s best financially for the parents.

In certain courts, the judge may appoint a custody attorney to represent you when they believe that it can help your legal case. If you are aware of your legal rights and responsibilities and obligations, an attorney can guide to navigate the legal process. If you’re not sure of the rights and obligations you have, having an attorney advise you is a sound choice in terms of finances and will assure that this does not be repeated.

The court can appoint an lawyer to represent you at court when they believe it is beneficial to the child and vital to the case. This is an option, but judges can decide to choose to do this should they consider it to be best for you and essential for your situation.


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