Three Amazing Things to do in Rochester

There has never been a shortage of things to do in Rochester NY. The city is home to dozens of annual events and festivals and local attractions. From the amazing displays of nature to fans of the arts, there are so many things to do in Rochester that one may not be able to experience them all in a single trip.

One of the things to do in Rochester that local residents feel is their favorite event is the annual Lilac Festival. Every year in the summertime in Highland Park, people come from all around the world to enjoy the worlds largest collection of lilac blossoms. While enjoying the scenery patrons can enjoy music, food and dozens of other local events.

Another one of local residents favorite things to do in Rochester is to see the Rochester International Film Festival, which is the oldest and longest continuously held festival for short films in the entire world. Those who truly appreciate the art of filmmaking will enjoy movies submitted from across the world, as well as discussions and presentations about the art of the short film.

Yet another one of the most popular things to do in Rochester is the annual Ten Ugly Men Festival, which is an all day festival that benefits many of the local charities. There are bands, events, tournaments, food and beverages for all. Whether someone is involved personally with a charity or just wishes to have a good time while giving back to their community, it is commonly listed as one of the favorite things to do in Rochester by everyone who attends.

There are so many things to do in Rochester, both for visitors and residents. Even those who have resided in Rochester for years may not have seen all there is to see. For the homebody who never ventures out or for someone coming for a visit, these events and more can provide anyone the means to have an absolutely amazing time.


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